At Dovedale, we aim to ensure that all of our children have access to a computing curriculum in order for them to understand and participate in a world that is ever increasingly influenced by technology. We believe the knowledge, skills and understanding taught through our curriculum will empower our learners to think computationally, and become more able to conceptualise, understand and use computer-based technology, and so are better prepared for today’s world and future

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Computing lessons ensure that the children are able to gain a more secure understanding of the knowledge and skills within our curriculum. However, when appropriate, computing may be used as a vehicle for the children to present their learning in other subjects. For example, the children might create an animation about a process they have learnt of in a science lesson. Computing lessons cover all three strands of the National Curriculum; Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science and Online Safety is taught throughout the year as appropriate.

Internet safety is a priority at Dovedale. The children are introduced to a new theme each half term, they then complete activities linked to this in class. Also, our Key Stage 2 eCadets help to ensure that online safety is high profiled and our children are well informed on current online safety issues. We also, in KS2, follow the ‘Be Internet Legends’ scheme of work; providing children with real life scenarios and showing them how to deal with them appropriately. Staff and children have access to a range of hardware and software to support them with teaching and learning in computing including; iPads, laptops and programmable robots. To further enhance our curriculum and inspire our children we offer Key Stage 2 clubs with the opportunity to compete nationally with other schools and a Key Stage 1 computing club with a focus on exploration and creativity within computing.


Our curriculum will ensure that all of our children are confident and independent users of technology and that they can accomplish a wide variety of goals both at school, and at home. Teachers quickly identify misconceptions or gaps in understanding which can then be addressed promptly with the children. Teaching can then be adapted to support varied paces of learning and ensures all pupils make good progress.  The computing curriculum is regularly monitored by the subject leader through lesson visits, discussions with pupil and teachers and evaluation of work produced by the children.

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