Year 1 Seaside Day!

Today we had a visit from Jolly Good Workshops for a Seaside Day. We travelled back in time to hundreds of years ago when people didn’t go on holiday and there wasn’t anything to do at the beach. We learned how the industrial revolution changed this! 

The key facts we learned today are:

  • The only people who used to lived at the seaside were fisherman, sailors and traders. 
  • During the Industrial revolution (when machines started to be made) people wanted to move to the towns and cities to work on the machines.  This made towns and cities noisy and dirty places to live. 
  • People got sick and doctors would send people to the seaside to get better. ‘This was called ‘The Cure’. 
  • People wore their finest clothes to visit the beach. 
  • Not many people could swim so ‘Dipper Ladies’ helped people from the Bathing Machines in and out of the water. 
  • The seaside started to develop and more attractions were built such as the Helter Skelter, swings, carousels and the pier. 
  • Punch and Judy originated from Italy. 
  • Punch is a cheeky, naughty character with a big red nose, frilly collar and makes people laugh - much like a clown. 

We also watched a puppet show at ‘Children’s Corner’, handled lots of puppets, found out how Mr Punch got his voice and began making our own puppet theatre. 


What a great day we have had!!! 

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