Weekly Y1 Blog 1st February 2019

Date: 1st Feb 2019 @ 2:59pm

Thank you very much to all the adults who attended our 'Learn and Explore' this morning

This week:

Maths – We used 4 different methods to solve subtraction problems. We focussed on how it is easier if we get back to 10 first.  

17-9 = 8


10-2 = 8

English –  We created a postcard from the perspective of Russell. We used some adjectives and joined some clauses with a conjunction.

Science – We conducted an experiment to test which glove would be most suitable for the Arctic. 

History -  We used a range of sources to research Robert Falcon Scott. We then used our research to create our own Tweet. We even created our own hashtags. #somuchfun!

Next week we will be:

Maths – We are looking at fact families and comparing number sentences using the inequality symbol.

English – Our weekly focus words are: because, of, by, my 

Using the suffix 'ed' and the conjunction 'because' to describe a new character,

Chinese New Year - We will be celebrating Chinese New Year 

Safer Internet Day - We will be looking at ways to keep us safe when online.

Please practise Week 4 spellings in the homework book and continue logging on to Mathletics. 

Have a lovely weekend.


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