Weekly Y3 Blog 1.3.19

Date: 28th Feb 2019 @ 4:29pm

This week in Year 3, we have been working extremely hard and enjoying the following activities:

  • Maths – A range of money problems involving:
      • Adding money
      • Subtracting money
      • Working out change from a given amount
  • English – We have started our new writing topic of explanation texts. This week, children have been researching and discovering the story/history of LEGO to help them write their own explanation texts next week.
  • Geography – Our new topic is ‘Where in the World?’ During the first lesson, we identified the Equator, Tropics of Cancer, Tropics of Capricorn, Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle on a map.
  • Science – Light - Recognise that darkness is the absence of light
  • P.E – Games
  • Music, PSHE and French


Next week, we shall be enjoying the following activities:

  • Maths - We shall start our new topic of fractions. During this week, we will focus on the following objectives:
      • Ordering fractions
      • Adding fractions
      • Subtracting fractions
      • Equivalent fractions
  • English – We will write an explanation of LEGO which will include its history and its long journey to success
  • Geography – Locating and identifying countries around the world.
  • Science – Light – Planning and conducting an investigation into: Do shadows change throughout the day?
  • Music, Computing and French
  • World Book Day - Lots of fun and exciting activates that we don't want to give away!

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