Weekly Y1 Blog 25th January 2019

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 2:43pm

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1! 

On Wednesday we welcomed a Robynne in to school. Robynne is a real life Arctic explorer. She was fascinating!

This week we have been learning:

Maths – Recapping subtraction within 20. We have been using 10 frames to solve tricky subtraction problems. 

English – Our weekly focus words are: there, was, once

We created our own exploration story. We amazed our teachers with our fantastic imaginations!

We then impressed our teachers by recounting our Polar day. We used the words 'so' and 'and'

Science – Polar Fun Day. We learnt life was in the Arctic. We found out all about Polar Bears and even created our own Polar Bear mask. We then investigated in impact of blubber. We found it kept our hand much warmer. We explored the Inuit community. We used foam, paint and rollers to create our own printings just like the Inuit community. Finally we got to try on a real life Polar explorer kit. It made us extremely warm!

History - Found out more information about Captain Scott expedition and the extreme weathers he had to tackle. 

Please practise Week 3 spellings in the homework book and continue logging on to Mathletics. 

Next week we will be:

Maths – Subtraction through 10.

16-8 (16-6 = 10, 10-2=8)

English – Our weekly focus words are: have, love, friend

We will be looking at another explorer and thinking about his journey. 

Science – Thinking about materials and which is suitable for our Arctic adventure. 

History - How should Captain Scott be remembered today?


We are very excited to welcome you into school on Friday 1st February 9am -10am for our 'Learn and Explore'

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate siblings for this event. Please use the gate to our outdoor area by the main entrance to access our classrooms. 

Please practise Week 3 spellings in the homework book and continue logging on to Mathletics. 

Have a lovely weekend.

We have had a fantastic day in Year 1! 

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