4BG Digestive System!

Date: 2nd Feb 2018 @ 4:30pm

4BG made a model of the digestive system down the corridor in Science!

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Lauren 4T wrote:

Good job 4BG I really liked your demonstration of the digestive system.

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Lola &lizzie wrote:

Very good and you done it in chronological order 🆒😜🤯🤪#4T

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Aliya and charlie 4T wrote:

Very interesting! 🤩

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4T wrote:

Well done 4BG, we have just watched this video and we enjoyed it. Our favourite part was when Ned went into the toilet!

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Tilly 4T wrote:

I love this video so much and it was funny when Mrs Gosney said Joe was the toilet. Well done 4BG, you clearly know how the digestive system works!

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Michael G wrote:

This was fun!😊

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Ned wrote:

Im a yummy pizza lol

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Taylor wrote:

You did a great job!!!

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