Who are we?

Friends of Dovedale is our school's PTA and a registered charity, no. 516176


We’re a volunteer group of family members, carers & people with an interest in Dovedale Primary School (including those whose children used to go to Dovedale, or who used to go to Dovedale themselves).  We work with staff to organise fun events for our children and families to enjoy, whilst at the same time raising funds for our school.


Every penny raised is given to school to buy additional resources for our children.


Any parents, guardians, carers, family members & supporters of Dovedale Primary School are entitled to join Friends of Dovedale, and/or to help out at, contribute to, or simply attend any of the events we run.


Activities are organised and led by a small PTA Committee that you are more than welcome to join.


Our PTA Committee meets with school once a term to agree dates & times for PTA events, arrange access to school for collecting, sorting & storing donations, and for setting up events on the day.


Our PTA Committee then:

  • Meets more regularly ourselves to plan events in detail;
  • Bargain hunts for items to provide best value for our pupils, families & school (on-line purchasing via GiveAsYouLive wherever possible, of course J);
  • Drafts letters home, disco tickets, Dovedale Diary entries etc. & liaises with school to promote events;
  • Provides refreshments, games’ prizes, and accessories (e.g. face paints, UV glow accessories etc.);
  • Purchases & wraps gifts from Santa;
  • Makes games for our school fayres;
  • Trawls local businesses for donated raffle prizes;
  • Sorts, stores & generally makes the most of the hugely generous donations we get from our families;
  • Organises floats for all events, collects, counts & banks takings;
  • Liaises with school to agree how the monies raised can best be spent for the benefit of our children;
  • Maintains accurate records of income & expenditure, and submits annual returns to the Charity Commission.

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