The Big Report!

SATS Big Report

As every child in Year 6 will know, SATS are looming! Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed SATS with our Year 6 members to see how they are feeling in the run up to SATS. We also interviewed a past member of Inside Scoop who has been through SATS and is now in Year 7. Our Year 5 members also explained what they know and understand about SATS. We feel it’s very important to look after our mental well-being (see our Big Report on this matter) so we want to pass on some tips to help you feel confident and relaxed in the run-up to the SATS.

We asked two current members of year six about how they feel about SATS. This was their response:

“I feel OK because I’ve done mock SATS, but also slightly nervous.”

“I feel excited but a little bit nervous because things get confusing sometimes.”

We also thought it would also be important to ask some of our Year 5 members about their views and opinions on SATs:   

“I’m feeling slightly nervous about SATs; I’m not confident with maths tests and the thought of doing a major one makes me uneasy.”

“I’m kind of exited because it doesn’t really matter to me at the moment.”

We spoke to some former Dovedale Primary School pupils and they gave us some feedback about the SATS:

What are your top tips for our current Year 6 members for getting prepared for SATS?

  • Revise
  • Get good sleep
  • Don’t get too nervous
  • Relax

If you felt nervous or worried how did you deal with your nerves?

  • Try not to overthink things
  • Reward yourself
  • Don’t apply too much pressure to yourself as no one is perfect
  • Do things that you enjoy such as drawing
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Don’t revise all of the time
  • Write any worries down on a list and share it with your family or friends


We shared this advice with some of our Year 6 members and this is how they responded:

“After hearing this advice I feel more confident about SATS because this is advice from people who have been through SATS. I loved the tip: don’t apply too much pressure to yourself as no one is perfect because sometimes we do put too much pressure on ourselves and it reminded me to just do my best.”

“I feel better as in the run up to such a big event you feel as though you are the only person to have experienced this but hearing this reassures me that other people have been in my situation. I will take the advice on board such as rewarding myself and letting myself relax as I have been so busy.”


Mr Jones asked our current Year 6’s if they would do anything differently in the run-up to their SATS if they did them again…

“I wouldn’t worry about the scores I got in my mock SATS as we do them to improve.”

“I wouldn’t practise as much as I have as I have sometimes become frustrated with myself.”


After reading this report, we hope that if you have SATS or any other test that you can use our advice and tips to help you get through the run up to the event. We hope you do well in any test you have looming, just try your best and everything will work out in the end.



The Big Survey 2018


At the end of February, we carried out a survey across the school. It included; Favourite meals, sports, authors, lessons and activities outside. You may have seen us roaming around the playground [as we usually do in your classroom] asking YOU for your opinions about matters related to your life at school. Did you answer our survey? If so, your answers will be included in the results below.


One of the questions we asked was ‘What is your favourite meal from the canteen?’ We had a hard job narrowing it down to 4 choices- but we came to a final decision.

In first place was… PIZZA with 55%

In second place was fish and chips with 23%

And in joint third was Jacket potato and roast dinner with 11%


Another question we asked was: ‘What is your favourite type of PE lesson?’ Our school is very active and enjoy many varieties of sport.

In first place was...DANCE with 35%

In second place was athletics with 33%

In third place was basketball with 19%

In fourth place was cricket with 13%


The next question we asked was: ‘Who is your favourite author?’ As you may know Dovedale are very keen readers. We found it hard to choose between many phenomenal authors!

In first place was …J.K ROWLING with 38%

In second place was David Walliams with 24%

In third place was Roald Dahl with 22%

In last place was Jaqueline Wilson with 16%


The penultimate question was: ‘What is your favourite lesson?’ Our school has many wonderful lessons taught by our fantastic teachers. Here are the results:

In first place came Art with 37%

In second place was ICT with 17%

In joint third place was maths and science with 11%

In joint fourth place were history, geography and literacy with 8%


The final question was: ‘What is your favourite thing to play/do outside? ’Dovedale has lots of fun games and activities to choose from.  Here are the results:

In first place was ball game with 36%

In second place was hide and seek with 24%

In third place was tag with 21%

In fourth place was green box equipment with 19%


We hope you enjoyed answering our questions. If we did not ask you please do not worry, we will make sure we carry out a different survey before the end of the year. If you have any school-related questions you would like to suggest talk to someone from The Inside Scoop team (you can find our details on the ‘meet the reporters’ section of our website).



Mental health report


A very important topic to us is mental health, so this week, we have interviewed our talented mentors to find out more about mental health in school. At the inside scoop, we believe that keeping a healthy mind is crucial, as your physical health always follows on your mind set.

Even though their schedules are filled to the brim, our deeply appreciated mentors still found time to pay a visit to the Inside Scoop to talk about important matters such as lack of confidence, relieving  stress and dealing with bereavement, fears and worries. As schools put a lot of pressure on children , Ms Gwylim and Mrs Fox gave us some very interesting tips on how to relieve stress and deal with problems that you may encounter. These include:

  • Listening to calming music
  • Have time out by yourself
  • Do things that you enjoy
  • Eat healthily
  • Drink plenty of water

We have also thought of our own ways of helping relieve stress:

  • Drawing
  • Count to ten
  • Stroke a pet/Soft  toy
  • Fresh air/exercise
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Write a worry list
  • Stress ball/squishies
  • Have a nap[if you are at home]
  • Meditate
  • Let it out
  • Read a book

Our mentors are always here to help, including our mini mentors. 

Don’t forget to read our interview to find out more tips and advice.

The Inside Scoop Team.


Christmas Fayre

On Friday the 1st of December, the pupils of Dovedale Primary got to enjoy the many stalls included in the Christmas fayre. Some of the most popular included: Secret Santa, the sweet shop, cake stall and of course, we cannot forget Mr Smith’s marvellous hot chocolate, with mountains of cream and thousands of luxurious marshmallows!

In the hall, the toiletries, toys and books were displayed to entice the public to spend some money and raise funds to help improve our school. In the blink of an eye, the tables went from cluttered to almost empty; children were discovering the toys of their dreams and adults were treating themselves to a personal indulgence due to Christmas spirit. A special mention to Mr Mc who totally rocked the tombola this year, and for having laid down those sick beats!


Down in the infant hall, we enjoyed the festive games that the teachers put on for our amusement and the wine raffle that Mrs Juckes was running. But, the highlight of the hall was the raffle, because there were some absolutely awesome prizes up for grabs. We have to admit we were a bit disappointed when we didn’t win, but we were delighted for those who did!

A big thank you to all of those who contributed and we hope even more will help in our next fantastic school fayre!


International Day 2017.

Recently Dovedale celebrated one of our favourite day’s of the year: International Day!

In Reception the children went Down Under and looked at Australia. The children in Reception got to make their very own boomerang and decorated them in an aboriginal art style. As well as making boomerangs, Reception made a didgeridoo! This is a famous Australian instrument. The children listened to aboriginal music and played along with their didgeridoos and even got to take these instruments home.

Year 6 had an Australian day like Reception. In the morning, Year 6 got to see their classmates dressed in costumes related to Australia, such as: cow boys/girls, colours of the Australian flag, kangaroos and one student even came dressed as a koala! Until lunch time, they did a quiz about Australia, after having learnt some interesting facts about the country and its history. After a lunch break in the sweltering, hot sun, Year 6 came back into the cool, shady classroom and did aboriginal art using thin paint brushes to arrange dots to form a fascinating picture that was originally used on rocks.

Year 1 did China whilst Year 2 did Mexico and they both learnt lots of interesting facts about their countries.

Year 1 learnt about a country at the opposite end of the world, China. Starting off with brightly coloured lanterns –which were red and gold- Year 1 were heading towards a marvellous week. They also wrote their names in Chinese and beautifully decorated their own individual fans. Year 1 finished the week by writing a whole page jam packed with fun facts about China.

 Year 2 had an entire week about Mexico, and they really enjoyed it. Their focus was Mexican folk art and its outcome looks really delightful. On the last day of their fab week, they finished off by making Mexican plates. They used folk art to re-create traditional foods renowned in Mexico .The food wasn’t real, of course, it was made of coloured card and tissue paper. There were things like: fajitas, nachos and burritos.

Year 3 looked at all the facts about France and traditions they have. Also, they tried some French foods and named them. I wonder if you could name one?

Year 4 focused on Italy, with pupils coming in dressed in flags and even as pizza!

Year 5 did Brazil on International Day and had lots of fun! First, they learnt lots of fun facts about Brazil. Did you know the name Brazil came from a famous tree called Brasilwood? Then they made some Brazilian masks out of card, glitter and pompoms! Later, they did a parade outside wearing their hand-made masks and presented them to Year 3. After that, they drew art based on a famous Brazilian artist.

We hope you all enjoyed International Day as much as we have enjoyed reporting on it!



World Book Day 2017.


Hi guys! It’s your favourite reporters and today we are telling about our experience of World Book Day 2017.

Haris here! I have seen tons of costumes and drawn my own cover of my own book. Everybody’s costumes were great and there were a wide variety.

Hi I’m Harriet and I am going to tell you about my experience of World Book Day. Everyone’s costumes were amazing and all were very creative and original. I did a book cover on the book I am reading ‘The Bubble Boy’ I would really recommend it!

Hi, I’m Gabby; I’m another member of the Inside Scoop team. I am going to tell you about my experience of World Book Day. I saw lots of interesting and individual costumes such as: Miss Havisham, thing 1 and thing 2 and the fortune teller out of Goosebumps. I really enjoyed world book day this year.

Hello, it’s me Ayesha, and I’m talking about World Book Day. Everyone had amazing costumes and it looked like everyone had dressed as something different. In class, we designed a cover of one of our favourite books. The costumes included The Mad Hatter, Charlie Bucket and Harry Potter- but they were all very good!

Hi it’s Cerys. I came dressed as Hermione Granger for World Book Day. The book that I recommend is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Hello, I’m Livia. The costumes I saw were really good! I came dressed as Lyra. People came dressed as: people from The Midnight Gang, Billionaire boy and Harry Potter! My best friend came dressed as Hermione as she looks just like her! All the costumes were so good!

Hey guys, it’s Danny! I saw really cool and unique costumes this year such as: Dumbledore, Doctor Who and of course myself… Danny Champion of the world!


Life after Dovedale


This week we have decided to look at life after Dovedale. We have interviewed a former Dovedale pupil; a student and we have seen how adults have achieved their current job. We are interested in the lives of our teachers and past pupils before and after Dovedale. This is the information we have collected from our interviews.

For Our first interview we interviewed a midwife

Why did you choose to be a midwife?

I like looking after women and babies.


How long does it take to become a midwife?

You have to go to university for 3 years and do some volunteer work for another year


How did you get to university?

I had to go to sixth form for 2 years, and I had to get good A-levels which enabled me to go to university.


What schools/university did you go to?

I went to Dovedale and I went to Edge Hill University.


Did you want to have any other jobs?

I wanted to be a teacher but only for a little while. A midwife was always my first choice.


What job did you want to have as a child?

When I was 6 I wanted to be a hairdresser.


Did you have any jobs before you were a midwife?

I used to work in next and I worked in a restaurant.


What hospital do you work in?



How many babies have you delivered?



How long have you been a midwife for?

1 year.

Do you find your job difficult?

It is a hard yet rewarding job.


The next person we interviewed was a student teacher who works in one of our reception classes…


What do you like to write about?

I don’t write for pleasure as I have dyslexia but I do write lots of essays and assignments.


What made you want to be a teacher?

Working with children.


Do you have any writing clubs?

No but I take my work with me, meet up with friends and we work together.


How long have you worked in dovedale?

I started 5 weeks ago as a student teacher.


When you were a child did you struggle with reading books?

Yes but my mum would read books to me.


Did you want to be a teacher as a child?

I wanted to work with either animals or children.


And finally we interviewd a past pupil from dovedale who used to be a member of our team!


Has inside scoop helped your writing in secondary school?

Yes because we do lots of report writing in my school.


Have you joined any clubs like inside scoop yet?

No because there haven’t been any writing clubs.


What secondary school do you go to?

I go to bluecoat secondary school.


What style of writing do you most enjoy?

I like interviewing.


How much [from 1-10] did inside scoop help you?

8 [which is very high!]


Which do you prefer, Dovedale or Bluecoat?

I prefer bluecoat because you can explore the classes more.


What do you want to do after secondary school?

I plan to go to university to become a lawyer.


Which university do you plan to go to?

I would like to go to oxford.


What would be your second choice after a lawyer?

An English teacher in a secondary school.


If you could relive any year, what year would it be?

Year 5 because it was my favourite year.



From this report we have discovered how people get certain jobs. Different roles require different qualifications but all roles involve an element of hard work. What is evident from this research and other interviews we have carried out this year is that many people are still aiming for the roles they wanted as a child. We have spoken to someone with dyslexia and they are working towards their dream job which shows that we can overcome any challenges and achieve our dream job. Many jobs now require a Degree qualification which you will gain from University. In order to gain a place at a University, it is important that you have good exam results which means we always need to try our best at school. For some of us, we have only three years before we have to make the important decision of GCSE choices in Year 9, these choices often link to our career paths so maybe now may be the right time to start thinking about what you want to be when you grow up...



Reading across Dovedale


On the 8th of November the book van arrived in our school playground and opened their doors to the pupils and parents of Dovedale. They unleashed their wide variety of books, for us to read, enjoy and share. Our school thoroughly enjoyed their visit, with queues flooding out of the door (or van).


As I am sure you will know, each class has their own reading area which each have their own theme. These are full of comfy cushions and bulky bookcases that children can access throughout the day. The books in the libraries range from sci-fi to comedy and suit all interests, so you will never be left without a book that you enjoy.


Dovedale follows a Phonics programme called Read, Write Inc. This programme runs from Reception all the way up to Year 6 with the challenges varying according to the year that you are in. This helps the pupils of Dovedale to read, understand what they are reading and supports our writing through the different activities. The time that Read, Write Inc is taught for is varied across the school as the younger children will need to spend more time working on recognising all the sounds that we have picked up and learnt over all of our years at Dovedale. In the juniors we also explore an educational video, presented by president Alpha, Zita, Mew and Gamma.


If you are looking for a new book to read we have collected lots of information on what books are popular amongst staff and children:

Mr Powell - “The Bridge written Ian Banks is my favourite book because it was a mix sci fi and reality.”

Miss Boyce - “The Secret Garden because I remember reading it as a child and I still really like it.”

Miss Callister = “The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson this is my favourite book because my grandson’s favourite and it also mentions Christmas.”

Here are some books we recommend:

-Diary of a wimpy kid

-Harry Potter

-Percy Jackson

-Horrible Histories

Here are some books that the younger children may like to read:

-Fat cat

-The Gruffalo

-Lillibet the monster vet

-Whatever next!


The School Council Report


This report will tell you all about how to become a school councillor and what the job consists of hope you enjoy our report.


To become a school councillor you need to prepare a speech and present it to your class this will need to include the following;

*why you should/want to be a school councillor

*what you will introduce to our school

*persuasive language

*you will listen to and consider everyone’s opinions and thoughts.

The school councillor will be elected with a ballot vote and the highest voted  for candidate will remain school councillor for the rest of the year.


 The responsibility of being a school councillor will include;

*attending meetings

*noting important events and suggesting good ideas.

*informing your class about the changes that will take place and things that will remain the same around the school

The council have been planning a lot of fun things for our school. We have collected lots of information from our personal school councillor Gabe. He tells us that the team of councillors are trying to add things to improve our school such as; more after-school clubs, ketchup for meals [sugar free] and an adventure playground. All these these things are being considered but not all will make it past Mr Smith as he will have the final say on which will be carried through and which ones don’t make the cut. So far not much has changed but expect more in future months.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for our school you can tell your school councillor and they will write it down in their ideas book or in some classes they have a bright ideas box which you can write down your ideas on a piece of paper and put it in the box and at the end of the week your councillor will take any ideas to future meetings and report to Mrs Cannon/Mr Smith

If you do have any questions do not hesitate to ask your school councillor and they will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for reading and we hope this will help you next year if you wish to become a school councillor love from the Inside Scoop team.


Welcome to our Big Reports section. We hope you enjoy our first report, looking at how Dovedale have been working with the NSPCC.         

NSPCC come to Dovedale



Last week the NSPCC came to visit our school and presented an assembly about their job to explain and raise awareness of many different forms of child abuse. They and their mascot Buddy told us we are always able to speak out and stay safe. They are challenging our school to use our maths knowledge to the best of our ability in a maths competition. This competition will take place on the 13th of October where we will be instructed to complete a series of maths sums chosen from a list of questions designed for different ages. You may be awarded with a certificate or badges. Dovedale have risen to the challenge of being sponsored by family and friends [but not teachers!] to support the NSPCC’s charity work.




The NSPCC have taken their time to share with us different forms of abuse directed to children. These consist of:






These forms shall not be tolerated and should be talked about to a trusted adult these could be; teachers , family or Childline here is their number:

0800 1111

[Always remember that they are always able to speak to you EVEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY!]

So, if you need to always speak out and stay safe.

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