At Dovedale, we are authors!  Through using high quality texts and model texts including age-related expectations and features beyond their year group, we make direct links between being a reader and a writer.  First, we immerse our pupils with the text, then we analyse it, plan and write.  We explore the author’s craft as we read and imagine the reader of our writing as we write. 

Our model texts use explicit, sophisticated language.  They raise the expectations of our pupils, provide comprehension work and grammar games whilst enabling our pupils to consider what the author has done to evoke feelings or thoughts. Considering the authorial intent and impact on the reader, allows our pupils to look at the text through a different lense and use this within their own writing.

We teach the vocabulary/phrases first to ease their cognitive load.  Our pupils engage with vocabulary to enable them to have a real understanding of it.  We include opportunities to reinforce grammar, spelling and punctuation in context.  Staff read aloud to enable our pupils to hear the language and make connections to all the immersive experiences at the onset of each unit. 

Our reading activities link to these texts to enable our pupils to make connections between stories, genres and authors.

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