At Dovedale Primary School our children love Music. Music provides our children with a variety of skills that are transferable throughout their childhood and adult lives.

To do this we provide a curriculum that allows children to develop their own ways of performing, composing and improvising. Our curriculum focuses on the skills of music allowing our children to become well rounded musicians. All musical learning in the curriculum is built around the Interrelated Dimensions of Music: pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture, structure and notation. These dimensions are at the centre of all learning.

We want our children to become Musicians of the future by developing these musical skills!

At Dovedale Primary School each year group learns these skills through a wide variety of topics

  • Foundation stage teaches children the basics of music, through rhymes and simple songs, where they can feel the pulse and rhythm.
  • Year 1 teaches children about Hip Hop, Reggae, Blues, Latin, Folk, Funk, Baroque, Bhangra, Bossa Nova, Film music, Big Band Jazz and Western Classical Music.
  • Year 2 teaches children about South African styles, Big Band, Motown, Rock, Reggae, and Western Classical Music
  • Year 3 teaches children about RnB, Western classical, Musicals, Motown, Soul, Reggae and Disco.
  • Year 4 teaches children about ABBA, Grime, Classical, Bhangra, Tango, Latin Fusion, Gospel and The Beatles.
  • Year 5 teaches children about Rock, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Motown, Western Classical.
  • Year 6 teaches children about Jazz, Latin, Blues, Benjamin Britten, Gospel, Bhangra, Pop, Motown, Carol King and Western Classical.

Topic titles are repeated throughout the key stages, but children are always taught new concepts which enable them to develop their music skills in greater depth as they progress through school.

There are opportunities within our Music curriculum for cross curricular links which allow children to transfer their music skills to other subjects within the curriculum. .

Throughout the year children at Dovedale Primary School children are given further music opportunities through our Key Stage 1 and 2 choirs, Key stage 1 recorder club and parent funded peripatetic instrument lessons.

Mrs M Mitchell

Music Co-ordinator

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