Mini Mentors

Mini Mentors 

Our Motto - “Helping hands, here to help”

Who are they?

The children were chosen by Ms Gwilym  & staff from year 5 and 6.

How are they trained?

The children complete an application form and then spend five sessions receiving appropriate training which includes looking at problems in the playground, learning listening skills, role playing how to deal with issues and discussing communication skills.

Each child receives a certificate when they have completed their training.

When do they work as mentors?

They are split into teams and work together on a weekly ‘rota’.

The pupils cover both playtime and lunchtimes.

They are identified by wearing yellow high viz vests.

What is their role?

  • Be a friendly person that other children can go to for help if they need it
  • Play with children who are lonely or have no-one to play with
  • Support children who have fallen out with their friends or are just feeling sad
  • Look out for bullying behaviour and tell an adult
  • Help children if they get hurt
  • Try & help children sort out arguments 
  • Be a help to lunchtime supervisory assistants
  • Encourage children to be friends
  • Play games with children



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