We want our pupils to become competent and confident mathematicians.  We strive to embed the skills and processes necessary to enable pupils to use and apply their Maths learning in a variety of contexts.  By providing opportunities for children to build a conceptual understanding, develop their basic skills, fluency and recall, before applying their knowledge to everyday problems and challenges, we aim to develop pupils’ enjoyment of Maths.  By promoting mathematical talk to develop the ability to articulate and discuss their thinking and reasoning, developing them as an independent learner and working collaboratively, our pupils will leave KS2 prepared for the next step in their mathematical education.


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At Dovedale, we recognise that to enable our pupils to progress to deeper and more complex problems, they need to be confident and fluent across their end of year expectations.  Fluency tasks and arithmetic focus lessons ensure pupils practise key skills, allowing them to become confident when working on key strategies, calculations or methods and applying within reasoning problems. 

Concrete, pictorial, abstract is a highly effective approach used to develop a deep and sustainable understanding of maths in our pupils.  Our skilled teachers use this approach to reinforce concepts





We use a range of materials and consider the age-related expectations for each year group to assess our pupils and ensure they are academically prepared for life beyond primary school. 

Our formative assessment is used to record pupils’ understanding of an objective and helps to plan for opportunities to embed across strands of Maths, learn more and remember more. We consistently review objectives from previous learning to ensure a clear progression in knowledge, skills and understanding.

Leaders conduct book monitoring, learning walks and pupil voice to establish the impact.  Our curriculum content is reviewed at the end of each topic.



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