Junior Department Smile for a while Club

Ms Gwilym and Mr Rowan run a lunchtime Club called 'Smile for a While' (named by some our year 6 pupils!)

Class teachers, teaching assistants and Mrs Edain identify who they think would benefit from attending the club. Any new pupil that joins the school are offered a pass. Children may be offered a 'temporary' pass during a difficult time for them.

The club runs Monday to Friday from 12.30-1.30pm and is run with two  helpers.

The purpose of the club is for pupils to access an area during lunchtime if they ever feel upset or don’t have friends to play with. They might just want some quiet time to themselves.

If they attend they can play board games, Lego or do craft activities.

They can come as often as they want during the academic year and they don’t have to stay the entire session. 

Children are encouraged to play games together and new friendships can be formed in this more informal environment.

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