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Thank you for your continued support - we hope you enjoy our latest weekly report which focusses mainly on Year 6's trip to the Isle of Man.

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Last week we went to 2MC and they were making flags for the World Cup.  The flags were all different countries and cities,eg: Brazil,Germany and Argentina. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Last week, Y6 returned from an exciting trip to the Isle of Man, which lasted for 5 days. Upon arrival at the ‘Venture Centre’, we were greeted by a friendly team of staff, who allocated us each a dormitory- the number of students in a dormitory varied from 8 to 16. After a long boat journey, it felt good to be greeted by a warm meal! Throughout the week, we all took part in a large variety of activities such as abseiling, tree climbing, gorge walking, Operation phoenix, crate staking canoeing, kayaking, raft building, high ropes and the largest zip wire in the Isle of Man! We all enjoyed a Camp crafts morning, which consisted of building waterproof dens [with only the forest materials to use] and learning to use flint and steel. I recommend going to the Isle of Man to any year 5s who are considering it next year.

Weekly report 1/5/18

This week, The Inside Scoop visited displays, big or small, around the Juniors-it is nice to see a spot of colour amongst the occasionally dark school corridors. Whether you are just passing by or waiting outside a classroom, a display is a good way to both tell children in other year groups and adults visiting Dovedale about the activities presented in our school.

First of all, we visited a display in the Y3 and Y4 corridor about the numerous religions of the world. Set out to be fun and educational, this display could be consulted whilst learning R.E. This display is compulsory in our school so that we can all learn about the important beliefs that play such a major part in people’s lives.

We dispatched a few reporters into the infant department to discover more marvellous displays.

Marvellous displays galore: Y2 went on an entertaining trip to the Residential and took many amazing photos whilst they were there, including the time they went zip-lining! This display is great because not only can the people who went relive the moment, but the people missed it or haven’t been yet will know what it’s like.

In yr1 we saw a science display that was amazingly brilliant and had lots of pictures of the children having fun with science! We selected a few pictures of the children: one was of the children that had a farm who came to the playground and showed us some animals this included sheep and goats. There was also a picture of them tasting some fruits that had some dates etc.

In Reception we saw symmetrical butterflies from the Reception children, they showed the Reception children drawing patterns and copying it on the other side. Next, we found a guide to writing, showing the different stages of a story, showing time adverbials to help them.  After that, we encountered an extreme  readers display, showing peoples passion for reading all across Reception. Later, we came across the effective learning  display, telling people to stay on task, ask questions, and focus.


Weekly Report 30.1.18

Recently in reception, we found out they were studying planets. Firstly, they were creating planet cards out of glitter, card etc. Secondly, they were drawing certain planets of their choice. Finally, we witnessed them making things out of blocks/Lego.

During the afternoon, 2S were mesmerized by their class story… ESIO TROT! This is one of the exquisite books by Roald dahl. A boy in the class said “I love the book and want to read it again!” They can’t wait to read their next class story! We love to see new book worms growing in our school!

During this week’s session of roaming reporting, we visited 1C, who were doing science. Miss Chadwick gave each group of students a card describing a material: floppy, firm, bendy, hard. They then had to find a random object in the classroom that matched the description and showed it to the rest of the class. Chloe, a pupil, said “I really enjoyed finding things around the classroom. It was a bit like a gigantic treasure hunt.”

This week 2G were learning about Kenya in Geography. They were looking at physical and human features. Also they had photographs which they sorted into human or physical piles. Then they had to write a description of the Masai Mara in Kenya.

This week 6C had a science focus. They used torches to make shadows. Two girls and a boy hid in the storage cupboard and used  the darkness in the room to make extraordinary shadows with the objects inside. They also used marble jars windows computers and pencils.

Weekly Report 16.1.18

We have been busy looking around the school!  Over the last week…

Year 1 were given free time to do one of the following activities: puzzles, colouring, skeletal geo sticks and magnetic blocks. The most popular were colouring and blocks. Before their inciting free time, they watched the BFG. The children were sat in front of the screen; mesmerised.

This week 2MC were making maps of Africa and pinpointing different parts of Africa .They all enjoyed the lesson thoroughly.

In the afternoon in 4H everyone was indulged in their History lesson .They were discovering how The Romans invaded Britain. Ellie said ”I can’t wait to learn more about The Romans” .Their lesson looked very fun and we wished we were back in year 4!

This week 6C were doing Science. They were starting a new topic: light. They were very interested. One pupil said, “It was really fun and interesting!” They worked really hard. Even the teacher enjoyed it! 6C had loads of fun that day!

Weekly report 12.12.17



This week we went to 6P and they were doing science. Their subject is exercise and healthy eating. With post it notes they wrote down exercises that they did. Using them to make a giant bar chart at the back of the classroom. Sophie, one of the students, commented that “That the lesson was very interesting.” All of 6P enjoyed their lesson!



This week we visited 2G, who were making pictures of the great fire of London. They were very busy at work creating their best piece of art. They all really enjoyed it!



This week we went to 4BG and they were doing a graffiti page for their DT week project .They were starting  plan their project for Friday; when they get hands on and start making! A girl in 4BG said: “This lesson is so enjoyable and I can’t wait to get creative on Friday!” This lesson look really fun and we wished we were still in year 4 so we could join in!


Weekly Report:28/11/17

This week has been a very busy one for all of us at Dovedale so we have not been to as many classes as usual, so instead we are focussing o all that has been happening and what we have enjoyed in Year 5 and Year 6.

This week 6C had a fantastic Geography lesson! 6C used atlases to discover where minerals are found. They also made magnificent mind-maps and great graffiti pages!  George , who is a pupil  from 6C , said he really enjoys Geography  especially the lessons year six do!

This week I enjoyed my History lesson about the ancient Maya.

This week I have really enjoyed learning about The Maya houses.

The lesson we had for English this week was about Charles Dickens, and I really enjoyed it; we were able to discover more about one of the world’s greatest author.

This week we enjoyed making iMovies about inverted commas. 

This week I enjoyed doing measuring in Science.

We hope you had just as much fun as we have whatever year you are in!


Weekly Report: 21/11/17

Over the week, 1D learnt about animals and where they come from. They learnt a song about which countries certain animals come from. Their focus animal was a panda. They got given pictures to colour in freely.

Miss Davies also put Japanese music on because pandas originate from Japan. Pandas are also one of the many endangered animals in are world. The children were encouraged to learn their world’s animal song for their next Geography lesson. The children found this lesson both enjoyable and creative.

1D were creating handimals (hand animals ) by painting their hands and pressing it onto a piece of card before creating it into their very own animal. The most popular animal to make was a tiger, since tigers are stripy. They really enjoyed this lesson and some commented that it was both fun and exciting, they can’t wait to do this again!

Across Y2 we saw: 2S doing a Y2 maths project, 2G were celebrating their differences and 2D making handprints to celebrate their differences. 2D used bright, cheerful colours and glitter. All of the classes were working hard and enjoying their lessons. Well done Year 2!


Weekly Report:14/11/17


Last week, we saw reception making shape monsters out of 2D shapes. So if it had four sides it would have the corresponding amount of facial features. We discovered them making cards with glitter, sequins and more. They were also making dens out of a camouflage sheet and some wood.

Last week,1C were talking about what life was like for their grandparents when they were young. Some of the children were talking about the difference between things we have now like phones, iPads televisions and more vs what are grandparents had like no phones, no iPads and no televisions.

This week, 3WM were learning about the Stone Age. They discussed facts about the Stone Age as well as colouring in pictures of cavemen. They also learnt about the materials of the clothes that the cave men and women wore. They expressed pure joy about starting a new topic.

We saw year 4 doing lots of writing work and so were Year 5.Year 5 were writing their own version of The Return to Oz. Year 6 have also been busy writing action stories. Well done for all of your hard work guys!


Weekly Report:31/10/17

As some of you may know, The Inside Scoop have been visiting your class throughout the week as part of our role as roaming reporters. The job of a roaming reporter is to report on what is going on in the classroom which is then posted onto Twitter for your parents to see. We look forward to seeing all of your lovely work soon; this is what we found in the last week before our lovely break:

In the last week of half term the school had a history focus, in the infants the children were looking at local history and juniors looked at Black History week.

Reception’s focus was on local history and they looked at Liverpool landmarks and then painted their favourite. They learnt about The Beatles and sang along to ‘yellow submarine’ and made their own yellow submarines with their handprints.

Year 2 were also creating famous landmarks such as the Liver building, radio city tower and the Albert Dock as part of their work for history week. The feedback from the children was that they really enjoyed the creative aspect of the lesson.

In Year 3 and Year 4 we were able to visit during their Literacy lessons. In 3B, the class were learning about subordinating clauses, conjunctions and main clauses. The children’s feedback was that the lesson was rather challenging but that they felt they were becoming better with this area of writing.

In 4T, the children were learning about the features of a newspaper report so that they could fill their brains with knowledge ready for Friday’s big write. The class were so well behaved and we were astonished!

In our first week back to school, we have managed to squeeze in another roaming reporter session and we visited Year 3. In 3D we witnessed lots of learning about e-safety. The children designed their own creative ‘Think before you click’ posters to show how you can be safe online. We also saw 3D’s very first French lesson! Miss Doherty posed queries to the class in French and they soon got the hang of the new language. The children commented that they can’t wait to find out more and further their understanding of French.


Thank you for reading or weekly report, we hope you enjoyed it!

Love from

Inside Scoop x


Weekly Report: 17/10/17


A big hello from the new Inside Scoop team! This is our first weekly report after a couple of weeks of preparing ourselves on all matters related to the club: we have compiled a list of question to use in our staff interviews; we have wrote information about ourselves to give our readers facts about the team and our reasons for joining; we have been getting into teams for our roaming reporters roles (watch out we will be about soon!) and finally we thought of a topic for our first big report.  This week we have interviewed Mrs Milton and you can read this on the interview section of our webpage. We hope you enjoy reading all about your new roaming reporters and the interview we conducted with Mrs Milton. Have a lovely half-term!

Love from

The Inside Scoop Team

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