We are an eCadet school! 

The eCadets work as part of a team to advise fellow pupils on how to protect themselves when browsing the internet, using social media on smart phones and tablets, or playing online games. The team of eCadets are also responsible for promoting online safety behaviours and best practice across the school and community, based on regular challenges. They are supervised by a member of staff at school and an eCadet Trainer to ensure they have plenty of support in their role.

All eCadets complete termly challenges relating to eSafety, earning points to help the school compete in a league table against other schools across England and Wales. Our eCadets are made up of one person from each junior class and we meet every Wednesday lunch time.


At our first meeting we came up with the 3 rules that we think are most important for all children to follow, in order to keep safe online.


1. Never type your personal details online and if you do ask you Parent's permission first.


2. Look after little children online and always check the PEGI ratings.


3. Think before you click and type! 



Would you like to become an e-Cadet?


Are you passionate about Esafety?



We are recruiting more eCadets to join our team. We will be doing an assembly to tell you all about it and we will be interviewing children who are interested! :-) 


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