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Our Curriculum seeks to inspire and motivate a generation of Artists, to stimulate their imagination and generate originality wherever possible.  We aim for our pupils to appreciate and interpret what they observe, communicate what they think and feel or make what they imagine or invent.  At Dovedale, we want our pupils to become accomplished in developing their own ideas, choosing resources, making decisions and working independently or in teams.  With a focus in lessons on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding specific to the subject over time, our pupils will begin to understand the relevance to their own lives and communities within and outside our locality. We enable Dovedale pupils to develop pride in their own achievements and to respect the work of others.


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Throughout the school art and design is developed through discrete and topic related lessons.  Our curriculum has well-planned topics that relate to pupils’ personal experiences, feelings, observations and where possible, interests to inspire their imaginations.  Our approaches to learning balances exploration with demonstration, whilst encouraging pupils to make decisions and use the approaches taken by artists and designers to improve their work. 

Pupils explore a range of media, improvise with materials and use their sketchbooks to review and refine ideas and skills.  They are encouraged to respond creatively to challenges set, make connections and sustain purposeful and independent activity.

We have identified the concepts which pupils should be introduced to, revisit and refine as they progress through our school and the artists and designers who exemplify the concepts.  Learning opportunities are enhanced through computer resources, images and artefacts, visits and workshops.




Pupils learn to evaluate their work, whilst self and peer assessment activities help them to develop their ideas, refine their skills and deepen their understanding.

Our formative assessment is used to record pupils’ understanding of an objective and helps to plan for opportunities to learn more and remember more. Each unit is planned to ensure a clear progression in knowledge, skills and understanding. The Dovedale curriculum design identifies the specific contribution that art, craft and design makes to pupils’ creative and cultural development.

Leaders conduct sketchbook monitoring, learning walks and pupil voice to establish the impact.  Our curriculum content is reviewed at the end of each topic.

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