Additional Science

On this page, there are additional Science activities that you can try at home if you find yourself without anything to do - or just fancy something a little different. Check out the links below for more. - Here you will find different activities in line with all of the different topic throughout the Primary Science curriculum. Click on one of the topic links and have a look to see if you would like to do any of the activities. -  Here you will find small practical activities accompanied by a video with instructions. 

Science for One - These activities are designed for using as little resources as possible. Each one will have a main object. e.g. 'Science for One - Box' will use a box as a main resource. There are activities for KS1 and KS2. 

Don't forget to let us know if you do any of the activities. We would LOVE to see them!

Fantastic Science blogs!

Here at Dovedale we know what keen, budding scientists our pupils are and how they like to keep up-to-date with what scientific developments are happening in the world right NOW! I mean, who wouldn’t?

Here are some links to insightful and pupil-friendly blogs and websites which cover ALL scientific areas of interest.  So whether it’s new space technology or exciting news about animals… there’s lots to follow!

What’s great about these blogs is that they are updated regularly with lots of fantastic scientific news and information!

Our Kids Science Blog

This website has newsletters, blogs and a section where you can choose a main topic of interest.

Science Sparks

This website has some great articles based around many different topics and also contains a section with different STEM challenges.

Go Science Kids

This website contains many great practical activities and even has some activities based around Science AND Art. Let’s get creative!

Curious Kids Science

This is a website dedicated to practical experiments with written step-by-step instructions.

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