Year 6 weekly blog 8.2.19

Date: 10th Feb 2019 @ 7:31pm

Continuing with the success of Romeo and Juliet, year 6 read Shakespeare’s Hamlet this week and, by Friday, were ready to write their own setting description with dialogue for the eerie meeting between the Prince of Denmark and his late father at Elsinore Castle. We are so pleased with the standard of writing coming out of our children through this topic.

Next week, a bit more light hearted in a fantasy genre for A Misdsummer Night’s Dream.

In maths, we were looking at averages by working out the mean median and mode using different investigations and data to work out scores, including working backwards and inversely to discover what amounts might have been before they were averaged out. We continue to practise arithmetic skills and mix up our daily activities so we cover lots of maths learning, including basic skills and times tables.

For science, we performed different investigations to discover how we can see objects through reflective surfaces and combined mirrors to read secret messages on our partners backs and made periscopes.

In history, we continued to look at the life of the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin and we analysed in detail different historical sources to compare and contrast to see if the accounts were divergent in detail or contradictory. We then set up our own courtrooms with judges, witnesses, a jury and the defendant and put the man himself on trial, in light of all the evidence we have been researching.

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