Year 6 Weekly Blog 25.1.19

Date: 25th Jan 2019 @ 4:20pm

This week, the year 6 children began their new English topic linked to plays and Shakespeare.

We began by looking at effective play scripts and the essential features needed to have the most impact on the audience. By the end of the week, we were writing our own play scripts for scary stories and from excerpts of C.S Lewis' Narnia. We are delighted with the results, as children continue to push themselves to better their last piece of work, making sure they include the most precise vocabulary and punctuation to create effect.

In maths, we revised percentages, which have been a challenge so far this year, extending our knowledge to reasoning problems by Wednesday. Children were able to work out the full amounts of numbers, given only a percentage of the original number. We revised 2D shapes, including reasoning problems that required children's knowledge of angle measuring and identifying shapes by their properties.

For science, we investigated light and shadows and whether objects created shadows exactly the same as their shape, depending on distance angles and and material.

In history, we looked at historical sources to try and reason if King John was the worst King in history. Children offered their opinions on the accounts of monks and barons from the time, always aware that historical sources are subject to varying degrees of accuracy and can only be interpreted by making informed decisions on their accuracy by debating the evidence.

Homework this week includes times tables practise, spellings, and written methods for multiplication.

Have a nice weekend,

The year 6 team

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