Weekly Y3 Blog 15.3.19

Date: 15th Mar 2019 @ 3:43pm

This week in Year 3, we have been working extremely hard and enjoying the following activities:

Maths – We have focused on the following objectives:

  • Fraction investigation – Is it less than a half, the same as a half or more than a half?
      • Equivalent fraction problems
      • Finding fractions of number
  • English – We have finished our explanation topic on the LEGO story. Children have written an explanation text which explains the history of LEGO.
  • Geography – We used co-ordinates to navigate around a map and used the vocabulary of latitude and longitude.
  • Science – Light – What object would make a good shadow? We discovered that an opaque object doesn’t allow any light through, a translucent object only allows part of the light through and a transparent object allows all the light to pass through.
  • Science Assembly - On Friday 15th March, Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a Science assembly all about engineering and how engineering is all around us.
  • Music, Computing and French
  • P.E. – Games
  • R.E – The Easter Story


Next week, we shall be enjoying the following activities:

  • Maths:
      • Equivalent fraction problems
      • Finding fractions of number
      • Fraction problems
  • English – We shall start our new topic of recounts. We shall be writing imaginative recounts based on an interesting picture. We shall focus on the following objectives:
    • Generating vocabulary and ideas about an image
    • Converting direct speech into reported speech
  • Generating vocab from different perspectives
    • Writing a recount from different perspectives
  • Geography – Using an eight point compass to navigate around a map.
  • Science – Light Investigation– Do shadows change over the course of a day?
  • Music, Computing and French
  • P.E.
  • R.E – The Easter Story

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